Engaged in research, development and manufacture of drying machinery design


Xingyang Mingzheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. It is engaged in the research, development and production of drying machinery. It

specializes in the production of energy-saving three-way dryers, such as sand dryer, quartz sand dryer and river sand dryer. Widely used in construction, building

materials, chemical industry, powder, mortar, paint, metallurgy, environmental protection and other industries in the first-class enterprises, and won the praise of the

majority of users!
Sand dryer, quartz sand dryer, river sand dryer and other complete sets of equipment to provide design, installation and commissioning, and according to

conditions and requirements (investment scale, plant conditions, material types, logistics conditions, etc.), to provide professional and reasonable



2000 year

Establishment of company

3000 Mu

Area covered


Staff and workers


With lofty service and technology, we improve the competitiveness of enterprises, adhere to the principle of safety, efficiency and energy saving, and always adhere to the principle of quality first and customer first.


Corporate Mission

With our hard work, we will strive for excellence in our products, create a leading industry, and promote quality.


Business Philosophy

Success is built on honesty and effort

pays off.


Cooperation Concept

With sincerity as the foundation, with faith as the foundation, once we have dealt with each other, we are forever friends.


Enterprise Spirit

Professional dedication, people-oriented, pioneering and enterprising


The company's main products are three-barrel dryer, river sand dryer, quartz sand dryer. Located in Xingyang Industrial Park, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, with an area of 3000 square meters,

the company has advanced three-return dryer technology, producing about 30 units a month, and 40 employees.

In terms of dryer quality, the company invests in precision and high-grade mechanical processing equipment and testing instruments such as CNC machine tools, gathers professional technical elites, adopts special CAD mechanical design, meets the technical requirements of social development, optimizes product structure, and promotes the upgrading of construction machinery

The company has been implementing humanistic management for a long time and has benefited a lot. The company not only gathers a large number of professional elites to join in, but also pays great attention to education and emotional investment. Stimulate the employee's spirit of enterprise ownership, make it play a high sense of responsibility, enthusiasm and creativity in a sincere state of submission, so that each employee can realize their own value while participating in the construction cause. The high-quality employees who form excellent teams are the strong

guarantee for the company to keep ahead of its peers in sustainable development.



Success is built on honesty, and hard work pays off.



We have invested in high-grade precision machining equipment and testing instruments such as CNC machine tools, gathered professional technical elites, and adopted

 special CAD mechanical design to meet the technical 

requirements of social development, optimize product 

structure and promote the upgrading and replacement

 of construction machinery products.


Exquisite workmanship

The company not only gathers a large number of professional elites to join, but also pays great attention  to education and emotional investment.


Tel: +86-18738159503 / +86-13633848724

Address: Drying equipment at intersection of 310

National Road and Miaowang Road, Xingyang

City, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province






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