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The special sand dryer

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  The three-cylinder dryer is the advanced technology introduced in Germany by our company,which is composed of three concentric cylinders with different diameters according to certain mathematical relations and structural forms.


The special sand dryer


  The three-cylinder dryer can adapt to a variety of fuels such as coal, oil, gas, biomass particle, can dry block, granular, powder and other materials (river sand, yellow sand, sea sand, quartz sand, quartz powder etc).

  The three-cylinder dryer with compact structure,covers an area of less,is the same production single cylinder drying machine half covers an area of land,reliable operation,low energy consumption,high thermal efficiency,material drying effect is good.It's alternatives to traditional drying equipmental protection and energy-saving products.


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  Three-cylinder dryer advantages:

  1. The production capacity is large, the application scope is wide, the flow resistance is small, the operational fluctuation range is allowed, and the operation is convenient;

  2, the drying intensity is strong, the time is short, because the material is highly dispersed in the airflow, the total surface area of the particle is the dry effective area;

  3, simple structure, small footprint, easy installation and maintenance;

  4, large amount of processing, high thermal efficiency;


The special sand dryer


  5. Adopt the “aligning roller bearing device” to make the contact of the roller and the roller ring in linear contact, thus greatly reducing wear and power loss.

  6. The installation method is designed according to the terrain: "1" type, "Z" type, "U" type, "T" type and so on. Users do not have to worry about the size and placement of the venue.

  Technical Parameters:


The special sand dryer


  Xingyang Mingzheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Specializes in manufacturing: river dryers, sand dryers, three-pass dryers and many other drying products. Our products are exported to overseas and are well received by many domestic and foreign customers. Mingzheng Machinery welcomes you to visit our company.


The special sand dryer


The special sand dryer


The special sand dryer


The special sand dryer

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